What is the right way to do it?

Dear visitor,
there are many vendors, vacuum the mattress and at high prices.
We are affordable to the point, the textile and hygiene must be applicable to all to protect our health and the following generations.
Effective from International universities tested products with THMS certificate can be purchased as a member of our THMS partners.
As THMS promoting member you get from THMS certified providers off on all THMS hygiene products and  on textile hygiene services with subsequent transfer of the THMS textile hygiene certificate.
A prerequisite for the certification THMS that after every guest change the mattress with Parasitol the THMS certified fragrant textile hygiene spray with light spray of the environmentally friendly pump spray bottle of 40-50 cm are sprayed with 3 puffs.

The fine mist penetrates deep into the tissue and kills the mites immediately. Due to the composition of the product also acts as a disinfectant.
Every 6 months, the mattress sucked around and treated ground.
Thought finish the hygiene service you receive from the responsible textile hygiene inspector the new hygiene certificate.