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THMS is none profit organization and we will help to protect people from risks of infection and disease through textiles.

What dangers we are exposed?

1. In all textiles that you can not wash, especially in mattresses  
    live mites to thousands.
    Mites are our constant companions, but the excrement of 
    parasites (allergens) contain an enzyme that can damage the
    immune system. This can lead to allergies that often become
     Chronic and can change our genes. So it is possible that 
    future generations are born with this chronic disease.

2. In hotel sleep around 100 different people on the same mattress a year.
    The left 180 liters  perspiration, fungal spores, bacteria or viruses, and each brings back   
     new mites, that live Protected in the mattress, feeding off dander and hair, we lose
     during the Night. The excrement's of mites are dangers for us because the can damage  
     our immune system . (Allergens)

3. These allergens can trigger diseases that require expensive treatments that are mostly
      Ineffective in chronic diseases. The chronicle sickness can change our gens, so that it is
     possible the next generation are born with that problem.

4. In hotels there is a true invasion of pathogens, which are left behind from all parts of
     Ever-changing users of mattresses. These include, in addition to the allergens, viruses,
     bacteria and fungal spores, but who have already formed residences to many drugs, and
     Present us with a big problem.

5. The WHO says: If we do not invest more in infection control and new drugs against
     infectious diseases, we come to the point, when there were no antibiotics and many
     People have died from infections simplified.

6. The solution: The killing of the mites in the private sector to protect your family from
     Allergens and bacteria and secures against allergies. In hotels are killed by the
     disinfection of textiles THMS certified and by international universities tested products
     According to each user change mites, allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungal spores.
     Thus, hotels are awarded by THMS with the textile hygiene certificate. What they should
     also  advertise on their website.
     Your guests feel safe with you, offer them a disinfected and allergen free Mattress .


The Textile Hygiene Monitoring Society