How to become an THMS Member

Dear hotel manager,

THMS is a world wide operating none Profit organization.

Exclusively hotels that they undertake to treat mattresses after every guest exchange with THMS certified products, THMS can become a member.


This ensures that the following guests rest on disinfected mattresses and pillows.

This is checked and certified by THMS inspectors on the basis of product consumption and by personal inspection every 6 months.


This also includes costs for vehicles and travel expenses, which are paid exclusively from the membership fees and donations.

How much does it cost ?

Even we a none profit organization, we also have costs that must be paid.

Personnel costs, for the organization, printing of brochures office materials, websites and the examination and certification of the hotels, which must be visited.


The Textile hygiene Inspectors are all THMS volunteers! 


In order to act fair between large and small hotels, we have agreed in the board that the fair membership fee is set to the number of mattresses with 90 THB 

doesn't matter what  size.


We are pleased that you have decided on the THMS infection protection of your guests.

 Free self-control to protect all guests from infections caused by pathogens that have left others behind.

Georg Abshof

Chairman of the Board


THMS Member take advantage of:


  1. Free textile hygiene exam every 6 months.
  2. Training Housekeeping about textile hygiene.
  3. New hygiene certificate issued every 6 months
  4. Training how to handle the equipment before Mattress hygiene service.
  5. 30% natural discount on all products.