THMS award

for the
Thai Garden Resort

On September 27, 2014, the Thai Garden resort could receive one more award assume.

The transferred from THMS certificate attests to the hotel that guests can lay carelessly in the beds without running the risk of catching allergens, viruses, bacteria or fungal spores.

And right now this issue is by the Ebola virus is of particular importance.
The mattresses are disinfected after each user.
The THMS checked the mattresses of hotels with special procedures, to the depth of the mattress.
General Manager Rene Pisters had at that time to the present Chairman of the THMS, Georg Abshof, let 'perform, sample purification and was then not only surprised at the presentation of the filter, what there everything came to light, no, he was literally disgusted them.     

Georg Abshof and Rene Pisters enjoy the hygienically clean beds and mattresses in the hotel.

As the law in the hotel industry, which also calls for the protection of the health of his guests, was the logical consequence and the cause for regular deep cleaning of mattresses.

In addition to these depths cleaning disinfection of mattresses is performed infestation to protect against viruses, bacteria and fungal spores and dust mites after every guest change course.

The result is not only a constantly clean and hygienic mattress for guests, but the opinion of the guests.
These are in fact always thrilled of how good smell the hotel's beds "

Congratulations to the Thai Garden Resort in Pattaya.

Now, for 12 years, led by General Manager René Pisters, a leader in infection control, protecting all guests with pathogen and parasite infections that may have been left behind by previous users.

After every guest change, not only will bed linen be washed in this resort, but mattresses and pillows will also be treated with Parasitol textile hygiene spray before being washed with freshly laundered bed linen.

This ensures that all users are always exposed to infection with parasites or pathogens that others may have left behind.

Parasitol has been tested by international universities for its efficacy against pathogens and parasites, confirmed and certified by THMS.


If you hold your Hotel in Hygienic shape, the big Travel companies will Award you as well.

Like the Thai Garden Resort Pattaya in 2016 Awarded from their guest with the Holliday Check Award.


The Thai Garden disinfects the Mattress since 10 years after each guest change.

Samples from deep inside the mattresses like you see down here at the Hotels under you will find nothing in the Mattresses at the Thai Garden Resort at Pattaya Thailand.

Here THMS guarantee the guest sleep save on disinfected Allergen free Mattresses.