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As a non-profit association we want to help you with information to protect against dangers of infection with allergens or pathogens and consequent diseases on textiles.

We all work as Volunteers!

Georg Abshof 

THMS board

Allergies are not curable!

The COVID.19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard and the problem has not yet been overcome.


Certainly it is necessary to keep public life and contacts to a minimum to protect against human infections.


However, every hotelier should be aware that there is an increased risk of infection via the beds, especially in hotels, since we spend a lot of time undressed there.


To protect against possible infections of all guests, it is necessary to disinfect mattresses and pillows with fresh bed linen before covering them, to safely kill pathogens and parasites!


Each of the more than 120 guests who use the same mattress every year always leaves their body sweat, pathogens and parasites in these textiles!


Every subsequent guest is therefore protected from possible infections from these textiles, since the freshly washed bed linen is no protection against the infection risks from mattresses and pillows.


The guest will surely see clean mattresses and pillows. What he doesn't see is the mite droppings in the form of gray dust, which is an allergen that causes 40% of all known allergies.


Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites such as mites and itch mites cannot be recognized with the naked eye!


However, this must not be the reason not to carry out this textile hygiene!


From the legal side, this fulfills the facts of negligent bodily harm.


This is about fairness towards your guests. who eventually pay for it and certainly don't deserve to be infected with Earth's core that will change your life in the long run!


We have 12 years of experience in the field of textile infection protection. From the sum of these countless experiences, we have endeavored to develop a product that is safe and easy to use, but also highly effective in combating all these dangers.


Parasitol is the certified, highly effective and approved organic product for optimal textile hygiene, which is distributed through THMS-certified hygiene service providers. Under the link we have created a platform for these commercial service providers. Here you will also find the services offered for basic hygiene treatment by THMS-certified traders.

As a non-profit organization, we check your textiles, train your housekeeping staff and certify your business for you free of charge after being checked by our textile hygiene inspectors.



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